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Re: Templates+Clones in one MetaFile - way to separate them

From: Nancy
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Date: 01/17/01
Time: 11:19


Hi Mike,

We tried to use the naming conventions earlier but that did not work for us.

My original thought was to simply add a logical field to the btcrit file that any program could see. (Due to nature of these multi-record per id files this would be a non-normalized use - still I like that idea better than splitting into two files.)

The implication from your last message is that you effectively can set a flag in the memo field of one of the records in a given functionid set of records. Is that set in a specific record number each time? And if so how would a non-btcrit application find the appropriate setting?

We also need to insure that the clone function does not set this flag in the cloned records so that we can differentiate one from the other.

Thanks much, Nancy


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