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Re: Templates+Clones in one MetaFile - way to separate them

From: NN
Keywords: Saver, EmailNotify, Question
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Date: 01/18/01
Time: 10:44


Well, I think you're right, and * is a way to go. It would require some minor programming changes in defining Clone Record FunctionID algorithm, it would lead to change from 10 to 11 chars fields (or we have to use shorter abbreviations for few configs, perhaps, simplest solution in our current situation) and it would lead to update StepsTempl and JobSteps tables. But it would not lead to using Seq=2 and other inner details of the BtCritss MetaFile, because it's a subject to change. On the other hand, yesterday I already changed Category for all configurations by Template for templates and Clone for Clones. You should use the similar assumption in the Clone program, IOW, let always use "Clone" as a Category for Cloned configs (while Category for Templates could be more meangful, than just "Template")


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