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Re: ErrHandler & XForm

From: mda
Keywords: ErrHandler, Enhancement
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Date: 01/26/01
Time: 22:35


ErrHandler can trap the errors and provide the mechanism for displaying and/or logging whatever information you want to record. XFormDBF's Run-related methods would need to be adjusted to deliberately allow this special case of errors to be handled differently from the usual case. Instead of causing the Run to stop, a "tracing" message would be issued (via ehm_showapperr) with information about the offending record. Presumably you'd also want to report a count of such non-fatal errors that occurred in the last run, and you would want this feature to be optional, possibly on a per-config basis. There's also the question of whether to consider the overall run a success or failure when this number is non-zero. All of these programming changes are XFormDBF issues, and they shouldn't require any modifications to ErrHandler.

(Unfortunately it's easy to lose your message when using browser-based forms. This is why I recommend preparing any significant piece of text in a text editor and pasting it into the form.)


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