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update to the ErrHandler download

From: mda
Keywords: ErrHandler, Enhancement
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Date: 10/15/02
Time: 01:31


The downloadable file has been updated with a new version, which replaces the previous one dated 5/23/01.  Please note that the online ErrHandler documentation and and task list have not been updated, however.  Here is a brief summary of the changes in this latest version:

Bug Fixes

Extensions and Other Enhancements

The New Diagnostic Command Processor

This is a developer-oriented feature that simplifies testing and debugging, especially in a pure runtime environment.  The resizable, modeless command processor executes an arbitrary VFP command line from the context of the associated ErrHandler, and multiple command processors can co-exist (one for each ErrHandler object).  Thus, for example, the command:


displays the name of the associated ErrHandler object to the main screen area.  Other properties and methods can be similarly accessed.  Note that THIS and THISFORM can be used in these special command windows, which can be a major convenience.  Support of this feature also entailed adding the new EHM_DoCmd method and a number of properties to each of the ErrHandler foundation classes.

Caution: Be careful with this feature, because it can easily wreak havoc in your application, and it's strictly for advanced usage.  Be warned, also, that there is a trap you can easily get into where you can't exit from your application without killing it via Ctrl+Alt+Del.  This can occur when the command processor is launched from a modal dialog.  To avoid this trap, you must close the command processor window before activating another window, or you may get stuck in a condition where you can no longer resume the application or exit gracefully.  (I'm still looking for ways to avoid this problem and support this feature more cleanly.)


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