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Ability to restore only specified sequence number range

From: NN
Keywords: Commander, EmailNotify, Enhancement, Question, Suggestion
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Date: 02/08/01
Time: 20:27


I think, it would be nice and very useful addition, which would give Commander the necessary flexibility to add an ability to restore not the whole configuration, but the range, specified via parameters or via private variables, which would be seen by Commander (the second way is easy in implementation, I guess). IOW, if any of applications, which uses State Restoring logic would provide Starting Sequence and/or Last Sequence number, it would mean, that only specified range of steps should be executed.

If this flexibility would be allowed in Commander.DoFunc method, I can easily adjust logic for not instantiating Form in case of Run mode, or delaying of instantiation of invisible objects. Otherwise I don't see a clean solution for this problem.


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