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Re: Set Safety in Querier

From: mda
Keywords: Querier, Enhancement, Suggestion
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Date: 01/17/01
Time: 21:29


Querier doesn't alter the SAFETY setting, but you can control this externally, i.e. in the wrapper or application that uses Querier. This works fine if you want a global default SAFETY setting to always apply for all queries. But if you want the SAFETY setting to be determined on a per-query basis, then we should consider making a querier extension. This task was noted in my old querier.txt notes file, but I haven't yet gotten around to assimilating these old notes into the new Querier task list and help documentation (thus far nonexistent).

What I had in mind was adding a Querier metafile field to control SAFETY ON/OFF setting, along the same lines as what we do for SET DELETED. I know there were some other Querier issues we've discussed before, and you may be reminded of some of them if you review querier.txt. Since I've been busy on other apps, I haven't spent much time on Querier lately, but you should feel free to point out which enhancements are still of importance to you, so I can address these at the next convenient opportunity.


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