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Expression in SelectCMd1 - is there a limit - Urgent

From: NN
Keywords: Querier, Question
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Date: 01/24/01
Time: 15:42


I'm writting a long expression in SelectCmd1. I'm not sure, it would work. Is it possible to write something like CreateSQLString() in SelectCmd1 for Query MetaFile, so it would be a result of some function rather than long string expression in a Memo field?

Currently I'm writting:

"count(*) as TotalNum, sum(iif(Price>=1000000,1,0)) as Pr13, sum(iif(between(Price,800000,999999),1,0)) as Pr12, sum(iif(between(Price,800000,999999),1,0)) as Pr12,

Would be 13 categories.


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