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Re: Expression in SelectCMd1 - is there a limit - Urgent

From: mda
Keywords: Querier, Enhancement, Suggestion
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Date: 01/24/01
Time: 19:35


The fields selectexp1 and selectexp2 contain character expressions that are passed to VFP's EVALUATE( ), which has a 255 character limit on its input argument. However, the result of the evaluation can be considerably longer, as we've already seen in the way that btcrit() is used. (The result of btcrit is put into m.qry_usrparm, which is incorporated into the expression used in selectexp2.) If you're proposing to use a UDF in one of the selectexps, yes, this should work as a way of beating the 255 character expression length limit. Another limit you have to contend with is the maximum length of an &-macro expanded command line. My recollection is that this became a very large number as of SP3, making other limits on SQL query complexity more likely to be the next thing you run into. I could add a selectexp3, selectexp4, etc., but it's not yet clear that such extensions are needed.


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