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Re: Expression in SelectCMd1 - is there a limit - Urgent

From: mda
Keywords: Querier, Enhancement, Suggestion
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Date: 01/24/01
Time: 22:51


When Querier is rebuilt with the latest ErrHandler classes, it immediately picks up a bunch of extensions, but these may not be obvious until you enable diagnostics (by setting ehp_diagmode = .T.). You should take a look at the latest ErrHandler documentation, etc. if you haven't lately, because I've been updating this as I go. The downloadable errhandl.zip was updated again yesterday, and I plan to post announcements to the ErrHandler discussion area with each update. I have a few more ErrHandler changes in mind, for which there aren't yet written task descriptions, but these are relatively minor and can wait. Basically, ErrHandler is pretty stable at this point, so you might want to start getting seriously acquainted with it.

Also, let me again remind you that the current Querier is not quite up-to-date on its full utilization and support of ErrHandler features, although it is subclassed off of ErrHandler. Some further adjustments should be made, as noted in quma0002, but these can wait until after the current Saver (svma0013) and XFormDBF (xfma0072) work I'm finishing up on.

Yes, I certainly intended that this should be applicable to Job Control as well, since ErrHandler is a core generic facility. If there's anything missing that would be needed by Job Control, I would not hesitate to address that deficiency.


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