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Re: Expression in SelectCMd1 - is there a limit - Urgent

From: mda
Keywords: Querier, Suggestion
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Date: 01/26/01
Time: 09:23


I'm planning to update just about all of my apps on the server soon, but until then it would be safest to do your testing of the new ErrHandler in a separate set of directories. I don't have the time to test an intermediate, partial update on the server, but as far as I recall Querier simply needs to be rebuilt to pick up the ErrHandler changes. However, other apps will also need to be updated and rebuilt before you can safely make the substitution in the primary mdacomm directory. So my recommendation is that you first test out the ErrHandler demo by itself to get the basic idea. Then you can try rebuildng your own copy of Querier with the new ErrHandler, if you're impatient to see the effect of these changes on Querier. When I update the primary copy of Querier on the server, I will want to update and do a final re-testing of all of my other other apps at the same time.


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