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Re: Add DeNull method to Querier

From: NN
Keywords: Querier, EmailNotify, Enhancement, Suggestion
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Date: 06/12/01
Time: 14:12


It's very important to add all post-processing code (altering table - get rid of nulls and _a suffix) inside the Querier application itself and not in Query or XForm wrapper. This way it would be cleaner in terms of Error Handling, besides, the file is already opened exclusively, so there is no need for file open operation.

Changing of table structure is currently done in Query wrapper and de-null is done in XForm Wrapper, which is very inconvenient and not a bug free.

For instance, Querier itself does allow output to a file, while Query wrapper demands output to a table, therefore in some cases I need to do query, then copy to (Reporter), instead of just one Query step.

Also providing more flexible error handler in Querier is very important.

I would save, that these two tasks are extremely important for Querier application.


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