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This subweb contains template files for creating new web sites and forums that conform to the IdeaXchg architecture.  The immediate slant is toward creating additional VFPUtils forums, but these templates also can be used for other sites. 

The point of the templates is to make it as easy as possible to create additional sites and forums, with a minimum of tedious editing.  By using this separate template subweb, it is possible to copy and paste entire directories without complications due to name duplications or FrontPage's automatic adjustment of links.

For a more detailed explanation of the procedures for using these templates, see the developer help files, Creating a New IdeaXchg Web Site and Creating a New IdeaXchg Forum.  Comments in the template pages give further instructions for all manual editing steps required.

Please do not try to post messages in the template forums on this site.  This subweb exists purely as an IdeaXchg system maintenance accessory, to be used with FrontPage 2000 web authoring tools.

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