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Will Microsoft Market Visual FoxPro?

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The purpose of this page is to solicit an informal vote by the Visual FoxPro community as to whether you would consider signing an open letter to Microsoft encouraging them to take VFP marketing and promotion much more seriously.  The question is not whether you endorse any particular draft of such a letter, only whether you're open the idea in general.  If you care about the the future of Visual FoxPro, please cast your vote below.  If and when we complete and agree upon a draft of this letter, you will have an opportunity to decide whether you're willing to sign it.  Anyone who's interested is invited to participate in drafting an OpenLetterToMicrosoft (on the Fox Wiki) or consider my own Open Letter to Microsoft, but please vote first.  If you're too busy, or you're content to leave the writing to others, you will still be doing all of us a great service simply by adding your name to either the Yes or No list.  Feel free to add your own thoughts to the Comments page on the Fox Wiki, or post a message to this IdeaXchg forum, and remember to check the Announcements page after you've put your name on the list.

A Little History Lesson

FoxPro is great, but Multics was monumental.  Each of them, in its time, could lay claim to being the best thing of its kind.  If you are wondering "what the hell is Multics?", well that's the first lesson right there.  The principal reason for the demise of Multics was not a lack of technical excellence.  Multics died from a lack of marketing, because it was acquired by a company that was incapable of wholeheartedly supporting its adopted child.  The amazing thing is just how long Multics hung on after Honeywell pulled the plug in July, 1985.  As a former Multician, it brought a lump to my throat when I read the the letter from Prof. Fernando J. Corbato, (the father of Multics) announcing that the last Multics site was shutting down on October 30, 2000.

So please excuse me if I sound like an alarmist, but I'm probably one of the few Multician/VFP-ers who ever existed. I know you guys are just as tired as I am of the old "VFP is dead" routine, but take a moment to consider this lesson from history: Cinderella stories don't always end happily.  VFP may not be dead, but it's in critical condition, and Microsoft's self-contradictory strategy of developing without commensurate marketing is an intolerable prescription.  VFP doesn't have to die if Microsoft gets its head together and embraces VFP as a legitimate, productive member of its family.

What's the Urgency?

Despite valiant efforts and rumors to the contrary, VFP is dying out of senseless neglect.  A thing of tremendous value is being destroyed for no good reason, to the detriment of everyone, but especially to the detriment of Microsoft and all of us in the VFP community.

That VFP is dying may be viewed by some as an overstatement, but I'm not convinced that the beta release of VFP 7 and earnest discussion of VFP 8 and beyond really prove anything to the contrary.  It has come to be axiomatic that Microsoft doesn't actively promote VFP, and we've grudgingly put up with that for years, content to accept a steady stream of significant upgrades to this splendid product.  But if you'll excuse the metaphor, Microsoft keeps offering us more slices of cake while we're dying of thirst.  This imbalance between product development and marketing has finally taken its toll in a very striking, objectively measurable way: the count of job listings for VFP both in absolute numbers and as a percentage of all categories of programming have dropped dramatically in the last few years.  Short of going negative, these statistics couldn't look much worse.  By that measure, VFP is most assuredly in dire distress.  A programming tool without programmers makes even less sense than development without marketing, and Microsoft will inevitably be drawn to the conclusion that any further investment in VFP is a waste of money.

What's in it for Microsoft

If there is a great unfulfilled potential in VFP to be making money for Microsoft, and they could easily capitalize on this potential, both of which assertions I strongly believe, then Microsoft has much to gain by rectifying the situation without delay.  On the other hand, if Microsoft fails to rescue VFP, they will not only have lost a valuable opportunity, but they are likely to experience negative repercussions from a justifiably indignant community of former Microsoft customers.

How Dare We!

Why should it be necessary for us to be telling Microsoft how to make more money?  Surely they have amply demonstrated their competence at doing that, just as they have also demonstrated their technical competence in fostering the continued development of FoxPro. Who are we to be telling Microsoft how to run its business?  Well, I wouldn't normally presume to do this, but it happens that in this particular case my own selfish interests are at stake, and the issue means even more to me as a VFP developer than it means to me as a Microsoft shareholder.  Therefore I feel compelled to speak out forcefully on this matter, because it really is more than a minor inconvenience to me (not to mention thousands of others), and I suspect that Microsoft, in its ultimate wisdom, could be persuaded to behave more sensibly.


Would you consider signing an open letter to Microsoft urging them to wholeheartedly support both the further development and marketing of VFP much more seriously than they have ever done in the past?  Do you think that a compelling business argument can be made?  Do you think that such a document could sway Microsoft from its seeming determination to make the demise of VFP a self-fulfilling prophesy?  If you dismiss this as a hopeless, idealistic endeavor, would you reconsider if you saw a thousand signatures?  All you have to do is indicate a willingness to consider it, and you will help to inspire the effort to create a letter worthy of our signing.  If we build it, they will come.

Please cast your informal ballot, even if it's anonymous, and feel free to add your comments either on the Fox Wiki, or on IdeaXchg:

The complete list of votes, which follows, will be updated periodically to include any changes requested via the Fox Wiki, IdeaXchg, Usenet, or any other means.  You can also email your request to me, although requests via Wiki or IdeaXchg would generally be preferable to email.  Whichever means you use to submit your name, please indicate whether you would like to display your email link in the list, which is highly desirable, but not required.  Email addresses can also be submitted to me privately, but I won't publish these unless explicitly requested to do so.

Yes, I would consider signing such an open letter to Microsoft:

I support this idea, and I'd be glad to participate in the writing if enough other people showed an interest. --
  1. Mike Asherman
  2. Ahmed Siddiqui
  3. AnthonyLetts
  4. Josko Martinac (Croatia)
  5. MichaelReynolds (USA)
  6. Bill Mitchell (USA)
  7. Barry Dempsey (USA)
  8. Chin Yong Cho (Korea)
  9. Won Young Choi (South Korea)
  10. Ka Kueh
  11. Chris Johnson
  12. Kim YeonHee
  13. Kevin Emmrich
  14. JohnRyan
  15. FernandoAlvares (Brazil)
  16. Scott Minar
  17. Dan Olsson
  18. Vicent Palasi
  19. FredTaylor
  20. Jürgen Wondzinski (wOOdy) (Seebruck, Germany)
  21. AlexFeldstein (USA)
  22. PabloRoca
  23. Francisco McManus
  24. H S Maxwell (USA)
  25. Robert Pierce
  26. Jane Pierce
  27. HoustonBrennan
  28. NadyaNosonovsky
  29. Al Doman
  30. JoelLeach
  31. Margaret Streich
  32. AllanWilliams
  33. AllenPollard
  34. MichaelChean
  35. AlexWieder
  36. Spencer Redfield
  37. Alan Popow
  38. WayneMyers
  39. BillArmbrecht
  40. FredericSteczycki (French president of the Fox Europeans - FE AVP)
  41. Neil Tonkin
  42. Paul Faulkner
  43. JoshuaGeldman
  44. Dean Selvey
  45. Roy Turner
  46. Rita Lal
  47. Eugene Vital
  48. Lew Schwartz
  49. Jean Maurice
  50. Jean-Marie Laeremans
  51. Martin Raye
  52. Peter Norman
  53. VictorEspina
  54. DraganNedeljkovich
  55. JillDerickson
  56. Hak Keun Lee (Korea)
  57. Dionisio Silva Junior (Brazil)
  58. StefanWuebbe
  59. Hans De Groot
  60. PlinioFermin
  61. Mayra Suero
  62. Maria Ramos
  63. Julian Rosario
  64. Ramon De La Cruz
  65. Enrriquez Paulino
  66. Jim Nelson
  67. Bill Oeftering
  68. Peter Robinson
  69. Sunny Jo (Korea)
  70. Tae Sick Kim (South Korea)
  71. Adam Skowronski
  72. JessBanaga
  73. Wilson Chan
  74. Bobby Lua
  75. Janet Fernando
  76. Lawrence de Grano
  77. Thess Inovero
  78. Edward Rance
  79. Ernesto Arellano
  80. AlekMassey
  81. Robert Van Geel
  82. Alejo Almela
  83. DavidOdell
  84. PacoSimarro
  85. Andrew Ducker
  86. Jose Enrique Llopis
  87. Jo Klappenbach
  88. Alexander Schmid
  89. Milan Goellner
  90. JohnPetersen
  91. ChristofLange
  92. SimonWhite
  93. EvanDelay
  94. PamelaThalacker
  95. Roberto Le Jasso
  96. Juan Antonio Buerba V (Mexico)
  97. Andres A Munoz (Argentina)
  98. Melchiori Gianluca (Italy)
  99. Alejandro Ra Planas (Argentina),
  100. Ricardo O Castun (Argentina)
  101. DaleStansberry?,
  102. CarlosXMontes? (Ecuador),
  103. FelipeJuanRamos? (Mexico),
  104. MarlonSalomonCabreraRoque? (Costa Rica),
  105. NoemyRam??ezPosada (Costa Rica),
  106. HugoSanchezChinchilla? (Costa Rica),
  107. DiegoMGagliano,
  108. HarveyAKai? (Panama),
  109. JoseEnriquePerez? (Venezuela),
  110. MarthaMelo?(Colombia),
  111. BillSteinford?,
  112. ErnestoJEspinosaH? (Mexico),
  113. JorgeZaldivar? (Mexico),
  114. JoseLanga? (Spain),
  115. GustavoSevillano? (Spain),
  116. SantiagoBedoya? (Spain),
  117. CarlosVicente? (Spain),
  118. Iv?Rosero (Ecuador),
  119. RicardoGarcia,
  120. AlemiroAlmeida? (Brazil),
  121. JoseMauricio? (GPUF - Portugal),
  122. MauricioCarvalho?(Brazil),
  123. MarkStanton? (UK),
  124. MarkYoung? (UK),
  125. DickRuck? (UK),
  126. DougTribe? (UK),
  127. RobBarnard? (UK)
  128. StuartDunkin? (UK)
  129. JasonWard? (UK)
  130. RalphFlorimonte? (US)
  131. Jim DiGiovanni? (USA)
  132. VitoTorlo? (Italy)
  133. NancyLush? (USA)
  134. LarryKeyes? (USA)
  135. DavidLauben? (USA)
  136. PietKoemans? (NL)
  137. PeterNorman? (USA)
  138. JimVobrak?(USA)
  139. Akhan(USA)
  140. Martin Glynn(New York),
  141. PabloCesar (Argentina),
  142. DamianAberbuj (Argentina),
  143. JohnMcAdam,
  144. RafaelPonce (Peru),
  145. LuisGuevara (Peru),
  146. ErnestoLuque (Argentina),
  147. BobLee(USA),
  148. ElkinOrtiz (Colombia),
  149. SergioCastrillon (Colombia),
  150. GilbertoGarcia (Colombia),
  151. SoniaMarin (Colombia),
  152. JorgeHMtzCelis (Mexico),
  153. JoseOrtega (Mexico),
  154. FiliMeza (Mexico),
  155. JuanCarlosOrtiz (Mexico),
  156. BarryLeBoeuf (USA),
  157. CyWelch (USA),
  158. FernandoSu?ez (Spain),
  159. AlbertoSarmiento (Mexico),
  160. JorgeMatheus (Venezuela),
  161. PabloCanonico (Argentina),
  162. EugenioAlonso (Argentina),
  163. RaulVidiella (Catalunya Spain)),
  164. WalterMezarina (Peru),
  165. YuryAguirre? (Honduras),
  166. MarthaMelo (Colombia),
  167. LuisGonzales (Bolivia),
  168. RicardoFlores (Mexico),
  169. CalixtoHernandes (Cuba),
  170. JimHansen (USA),
  171. NickNeklioudov (Canada),
  172. BarbaraPaltiel (USA),
  173. ClaudioLassala (Brazil),
  174. LeandroWalfransEsteves (Brazil),
  175. Eduardo Vidigal B.Almeida (Brazil),
  176. Man-WaiChang (Hong Kong),
  177. ArielGimenez (Argentina),
  178. SorinStegaru,
  179. Ramesh,
  180. AntonioMunozdeBurgos (Spain),
  181. JulioDutto (Argentina),
  182. Mart? Melchior (Argentina),
  183. Camila Ridoni (Argentina),
  184. Javier Voos (Argentina),
  185. Marc Schlichting (Hamburg, Germany),
  186. PlinioDiversi (Brazil),
  187. RoderickPagdanganan (Philippines),
  188. AlLambert,
  189. Victor Augusto de Jesus Sousa (Brazil),
  190. PabloFlores,
  191. DavidLCrooks (USA),
  192. GiancarloPiccinato (Italy),
  193. TerryThurber,
  194. JoHilgers (Germany),
  195. JorgeAEspinoza (Argentina),
  196. Eduardo E. Tkachuk (Argentina),
  197. PaulTocto (Peru),
  198. FernandoSiqueira (Brazil),
  199. CarlosMoises (Brazil),
  200. VerasJunior (Brasil),
  201. AndreGustavo (Brazil),
  202. AlfredoGonzalez (Mexico),
  203. JoseAugustoCavalcanti (Brazil),
  204. OmarBellio (Argentina),
  205. MichelleCox?,
  206. WilsonWu,
  207. Jorge M Vazquez (First Union Bank, Charlotte, NC)
  208. John Pugh (S. Australia)
  209. Steven Bennett
  210. Alex Pechtchanski
  211. Rex Willis
  212. Jacek Krywult (Poland)
  213. FrankCamp
  214. Martin Melendez (Mexico)
  215. Bob Lucas (Canada)
  216. Jadir Junior (Brasil)
  217. Jimy Colli (Mexico)
  218. Javier Jaquez Lopez (Mexico)
  219. Peter Rooney
  220. VladGrynchyshyn
  221. Christoph Hanusch
  222. Sam Robbins
  223. John Feher
  224. Gilberto Ruizde Moraes (Brazil)
  225. Gerardo Soto (Costa Rica)
  226. Steve Craft
  227. JohnBurke
  228. Butch Ryan
  229. MikeCollins
  230. Kurt Huebner
  231. Jake Schneider
  232. Claudio Gaspar Martins (Brazil)
  233. Pablo Van Diest (Argentina)
  234. Don Hagan
  235. MichaelSchwaid
  236. Mark Plemmons
  237. RushStrong?
  238. AndrewHowell?
  239. LucianoCriscola (Argentina)
  240. MarioDominguez (Mexico)
  241. BarryFelt
  242. MalShiroma
  243. Victor F. Rodriguez (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  244. Ivan Martinez von Halle, Venezuela
  245. OswaldPetersen
  246. DaveLeigh
  247. SlawomirTobis (Poznan, Poland)
  248. NicolaMarangon (Italy)
  249. Iames Pizzoli (Bologna, Italia)
  250. AndreaMelotto (Italy)
  251. TabacaruTeodor (Italy)
  252. TabacaruFlorina (Italy)
  253. LuiginoMargheritta (Italy)
  254. Gregorio Fornara (Italy)
  255. Ted Knijff (Germany)
  256. Domenico Giacchero (Italy)
  257. Achim Huber (Germany)
  258. Annibale FREDA (Roma, Italia)
  259. Patrick Gilles (France)
  260. Massimo Longinotti (Italy)
  261. TomBellmer
  262. Juan Carlos Carta (Venezuela)
  263. Jean-Pierre Fournier (France)
  264. Jaril Lavren (Slovenia)
  265. Gerardo Ruggiero (Italy)
  266. Franco Caloni (Italy)
  267. Dim Pap (Greece)
  268. Larry Huisingh (USA)
  269. Alessandro Panighi (Milano, Italia)
  270. Cosimo Mazzotta (Switzerland)
  271. Randy Riegel
  272. DavidMartin
  273. Evan R Pauley
  274. Chris Jefferies
  275. Hugh Jenkins
  276. Christian Cote
  277. MarkVanOuse
  278. Hugo Fernandez
  279. Nuno Brito (Portugal)
  280. Peter Pirker
  281. Neil Ryder
  282. John Baerg
  283. Jacob Bruner (USA)
  284. George Simmons
  285. Marcos Núñez (Santiago, R. D.)
  286. G Nanda
  287. AntonioCasta (Argentina)
  288. KenChazotte (US)
  289. Kevin Logsdon
  290. Bill Shields
  291. MelanieYoung
  292. Rod Chrystie
  293. Carlos Berguido
  294. EduardoCoutinho (Brazil)
  295. EdMiller
  296. DanLeClair
  297. CarlKarsten
  298. Peter Wagner
  299. EeChingTeo (Malaysia)
  300. JohnGallagher? (UK)
  301. CarlosYohnZubiria
  302. RobertoPardoLopez
  303. EduardoKetzer (Brazil)
  304. QuimMiralles (Catalunya)
  305. Ibrahim Oezyurt (Germany) [also oezyurt@t-online.de ?]
  306. DennisLindeman (USA)
  307. TommyTillman (USA)
  308. SarahNielsen (UK)
  309. Abdul Ahad Khan (PAK)
  310. IvanMiller (USA)
  311. Bill Perkins (USA)
  312. Jamie Beerbower (Germany)
  313. BrendaGrossnickle (USA)
  314. John Chambers(USA)
  315. Thom Simone
  316. Antonio Romero (Spain)
  317. HaroldChattaway
  318. Alejandro Sosa (Panama)
  319. Larry Shirk (Canada)
  320. JonLove (USA)
  321. MonteMurdock
  322. JoeKuhn,
  323. RodneyDixon
  324. GrigoreDolghin
  325. ArtoToikka (Finland)
  326. DickHackett (Canada)
  327. Fred Besterwitch (Australia)
  328. Bruce Campbell (US)
  329. Alan Wyne (US)
  330. Mike Gagnon (CDN)
  331. Bill Elvin
  332. MartinSalias (Argentina)
  333. BretHobbs
  334. DavidChichester (Denver, CO)
  335. PerttiKarjalainen (US)
  336. EugenioCasal (Brazil)
  337. Russ Swall (Independence, MO)
  338. Dave Aring/ Vision Data Solutions (USA)
  339. J Chris Powell/ M&S Consulting (USA)
  340. Bob Murphy (USA)
  341. Ray Kurian / Stealth Database Marketing (USA)
  342. MattMcQueen?
  343. Kris Munze/ Vision Data Solutions (USA)
  344. Sasha Brkich / Consultant
  345. Ken Luther (USA)
  346. DennisDowning (USA)
  347. Bud Wheeler / Vision Data Solutions (USA)
  348. Mauricio Pellegrini (Argentina)
  349. Babu Cherian (USA)
  350. Jeremy Dee (USA)
  351. Daniel Gramunt (Switzerland)
  352. Michael Korneev (Russia)
  353. Carlos Jimenez (Canada)
  354. Luiz Fernando (Brasil)
  355. Doru Zamfirescu
  356. Ashley Orton (Canada)
  357. Marcos Roberto (Brazil)
  358. Mauricio Marques (Brazil)
  359. Demetrios Kaldiris (Brazil)
  360. Alessandro Orlando(Brazil)
  361. Al Allison, (USA)
  362. Wayne Williams, (Aus)
  363. Glenn Taylor / Vision Data Solutions (USA)
  364. Rick Polito / Noble Systems (Australia)
  365. Edson Gabriel Meireles (Brazil)
  366. Juan Pablo Mart?, (Spain)
  367. Vanderlei Marcos Kichel, (Brazil)
  368. PaulTeigeler, (USA)
  369. Eugene M. Steinbacher, (USA)
  370. Scott Miller, (USA)
  371. Benjamin Siegel, (USA)
  372. Frank Mauro, (USA)
  373. Stephen Snyder, (USA)
  374. J. Chris Anderson, (USA)
  375. Eric Kleeman, (USA)
  376. William Beckham, (USA)
  377. Bruce Kuyper, (USA)
  378. Bill Dimes (USA)
  379. Philip Miles, (CAN)
  380. Anderson Ramos (Brazil)
  381. Eladio Rodriguez (Costa Rica)
  382. Jim Shepard (Dallas, Texas)
  383. Leonardo Diniz (Brazil)
  384. Ro Yih Ching (Brazil)
  385. Boudewijn Lutgerink (The Netherlands)
  386. Thomas Smiley (USA)
  387. Alisson Vale (Brazil)
  388. JiHyun Ryu (Korea)
  389. Chris-Jan Manuel (Netherlands)
  390. John Dilks (USA)
  391. JoanMir
  392. Patric Ainsworth
  393. Michael Atienza(CO, USA)
  394. Kurt Westerlund (Pittsburgh, PA USA)
  395. Pedro G?ez (PARAGUAY)
  396. Thelma Krueger (USA)
  397. Carlos Caccia (ARG)
  398. Dan Born (USA)
  399. Wilson Wu (Hong Kong)
  400. F Ramirez (R.D.)
  401. Matt Peirse
  402. Janusz Czudek (Poland)
  403. Carlos A. González (MEX)
  404. Rodrigo Castro (Chile)
  405. Fernando Medrano (Spain)
  407. Edinaldo Rodrigues Rocha (Brazil)
  408. GaryBrueggeman
  409. JorgeVélezG. (Ecuador)
  410. Fabio Sánchez (Medellín-Colombia)
  411. akhan (Troy-USA)
  412. Willianto (Bandung-Indonesia)
  413. Raj (Canada)
  414. JohnSpiegel (USA)
  415. Tristan McElhinney (Elmbrook - New Zealand)
  416. Murray McElhinney (Elmbrook - New Zealand)
  417. Rob Klaassen (Elmbrook - New Zealand)
  418. Nick Bean (Australia)
  419. JohnMiller (USA),
  420. KeithTonge (USA)
  421. Marcel Jalbert (USA)
  422. Mauricio Solano O (Colombia),
  423. Gorka Justo (Barcelona),
  424. Victor P. Lapid
  425. BaljinderSingh?
  426. RobertMcDonald?
  427. Ferdinand Rubio (philipines)
  428. Pete Kane (UK),
  429. Peter Cortiel
  430. Stanley Yip (Hong Kong)
  431. Harrison Lee (Taiwan)
  432. John Roth
  433. Vincent Harris
  434. Jaime B. Pinto (Tel Aviv, Israel)
  435. KM Kwun (Taipei, Taiwan)
  436. Fábio Funck (Porto Alegre, RS - Brazil)
  437. Carlos Omar Figueroa (Sonora, México)
  438. Kevin Owen
  439. Pierre Bousquet. CHATEAU THIERRY(02400)
  440. Jean-Michel Pernet, GBC (Paris)
  441. Dominique Tellitocci PARIS(75016)
  442. Olivier Miro PARIS
  443. Georges Valentin (69380 Lozanne)
  444. Vincent HELLEBOID - CAEN
  445. Cartaxo (Bahia, Brazil)
  446. Tim Witort (Delhi, CA, USA)
  447. Brian Jacon (Cohoes, NY, USA)
  448. Jimi Lee (Hong Kong)
  449. Russell Campbell (President, Atlanta FoxPro Users Group)
  450. Rick Walker (Melbourne, AUSTRALIA)
  451. Sébastien Rond (Paris)
  452. Michel Giustina (France)
  453. Anders Altberg (Suède)
  454. Eric Billard (France)
  455. Bill Woody (Norcross, GA USA)
  456. Teruggi PierMario (Fontaneto A.,Italy)
  457. Alexander Lawson (Springfield, IL USA)
  458. David D. Brown (Greensboro, NC USA)
  459. Hamou OLivier
  460. Craig Tucker (Dallas, GA)
  461. Tim Lawrence (Canton, GA)
  462. Harry J. Riley Jr. (Brownsville, AL)
  463. Eylon Meroz (Israel)
  464. PedroMartini (Porto Alegre - RS, Brazil)
  465. EduardoCoutinho (Porto Alegre - RS, Brazil)
  466. Stéphane ANDRE
  467. Mauricio Flores Olmos (Tehuacan, Puebla, Mexico)
  468. Rolando Rosales (Philippines)
  469. Jorge Villasenor (Mexico City, Mexico)
  470. Chip O'Neal
  471. William Sanders
  472. Ted Watkins
  473. Marc Levesque (Montreal, Canada)
  474. Peter de Valença (NL)
  475. Matthew L Reed (Vancouver, Washington, USA)
  476. Oscar Goldes (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  477. Tom Piper (Novato,California)
  478. Ramil A. (New Jersey, USA)
  479. Alan Harris-Reid (Devon, UK)
  480. Chen Nan (Bangkok, Thailand)
  481. David E. Estes (Pennsylvania, USA)
  482. TPL (NJ, USA)
  483. Alberto A. Padin (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  484. Gustavo A. Caligiuri (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  485. Randy Jean (South Bend, Indiana)
  486. John Hunter (UK)
  487. Eyvind Wærsted Axelsen (Oslo, Norway)
  488. Hyung Sug Lee (Korea)
  489. Philippe MONET (Anse, France)
  490. Sebastien ANGLADE (Anse, France)
  491. Emile Terrier (Satolas, France)
  492. Roxanne Seibert
  493. Gerben Kessen (NL)
  494. Luis Huarcaya (Portland, OR USA)
  495. Joel Fishman (Portland, OR USA)
  496. Rob Williams (Portland, OR USA)
  497. Ray Roper (Tannersville, PA USA)
  498. Al Marino (Pittsburgh, PA USA)
  499. John D. Long Tampa, FL USA
  500. ClaudioHoerlle (Porto Alegre - RS, Brazil)
  501. Scott Jones (Portland, OR USA)
  502. ManoelBernardez (Porto Alegre - RS, Brazil)
  503. Kouznetsov Valery (RUSSIA)
  504. Stephane Ragazzi (Colomiers, France)
  505. James Sayer, Oakland, CA USA
  506. Laurent Dujat (France)
  507. Chris Lee (Taiwan)
  508. Marcus Alt (Ilsfeld, Germany)
  509. Dieter J. Vogel (Beckum, Germany)
  510. Hans-Peter Grözinger (Vaihingen-Enz, Germany)
  511. JoHilgers (Köln, Germany)
  512. Zsolt Cserhalmi (Koblenz, Germany)
  513. William R. Donaldson (Hartford, NY USA)
  514. Jan Vente (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
  515. Crack (CRack, The netherlands)
  516. Rainer A. Ledermann (Munich, Germany)
  517. Paul Borissow (Munich, Germany)
  518. Franz Martl (Munich, Germany)
  519. Carlos Alejandro PEREZ (Resistencia, Argentina)
  520. Howard Bennett (Little Rock, AR)
  521. David Gamble (Syracuse,NY, USA)
  522. Jörg Schneider (Speyer, Germany)
  523. René Gladis (Magdeburg, Germany)
  524. Jürgen Meijerink (Germany)
  525. Johann Ott (Germany)
  526. Jan Horstmann (Germany)
  527. Michael Schmitz (Germany)
  528. Peter Krause (Germany)
  529. W.N. Pew
  530. William S. Kuhn (Saint Marys, KS, USA)
  531. Bill Arnold (Floral Park, NY, USA)
  532. Stephen Wolfe (Tampa, FL, USA)
  533. Mario Müller (Germany)
  534. Stefan Elingshausen (Germany)
  535. Katrin Kustin (Germany)
  536. Alex Gorodezki (Germany)
  537. Hendrik Monschau (Germany)
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No, I could never be persuaded to sign such a letter:
  1. JeffPace ?
  2. JohnKoziol
  3. Ed Rauh
  4. BradJones
  5. GregoryGum (Grand Prairie, Texas, USA)

[NEW] See my own draft of the Open Letter to Microsoft.  If you would like to add your endorsement to this letter as it stands, you should certainly add your name to the Yes list.  If you would consider endorsing any variation of such a letter, because you agree that VFP marketing needs to be improved, please add your name to the Yes list, since that is precisely the question.


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