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Re: Pick config dialog - resizing problem

From: mda
Keywords: XFormDBF, Addition, Bug, Enhancement
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Date: 06/19/01
Time: 18:38


See svma0033: fix problems in resizing behavior of the Switch To... dialog.  I'm not sure which particular problems you experienced, but I've noticed intermittent flakiness and other minor resizing issues myself.  More specifics about the resizing problems you've seen, especially reproducible test cases would be helpful.

As I mentioned in my reply of 5/22/01 to your previous question about a Print option in XForm, see svma0031:  Print command for the Switch To ... dialog, which I've updated to include the last update date among the items of interest.

(Since they are Saver issues, not specific to XFormDBF, let's try to shift any further discussion about these particular topics to the Saver Forum.)


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