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Montage has an optional main menu and a number of context menus, which appear when you right-click on various types of screen objects.  Most of Montage's commands and options are accessible through these menus, with the remainder being in the Shortcut Properties dialog.

The Main menu

Along the top of a Montage Desktop window, there is a main menu having the following submenus, with hot keys as shown.  (Some of these menu options may not appear unless you are operating in a mode that supports them, e.g. the menu options appearing in dark green apply only when built-in Montage viewers are enabled.)

Main menu hot keys

Some of the main menu commands and options have special hot keys associated with them, meaning you can perform those actions by pressing a single key or combination of keys.  Also see the Shortcut keyboard actions, which operate on a selected Shortcut.  Here is a brief summary of Montage's main menu hot keys, as described above in more detail:

Context menus

Many types of Montage objects have associated context menus, activated by right-clicking or pressing the F11 key.  The following context menus and submenus currently exist:

Editing context menus

Most of the individual data entry fields in the Shortcut Properties dialog, miscellaneous dialogs, and elsewhere support editing context menus, which vary from control to control.  These might typically include the commands in the main Edit menu plus or minus a few similar commands, tie-ins to relevant help, and a way of invoking the parent object's context menu, if applicable.

Tip: Use Montage's "Copy All" and "Paste All" commands to save yourself the trouble of doing an initial Select All step.  Also note that "Copy All" strips off any trailing blanks, which may be present, but not visible, at the end of a text field.

Form Options context menu

The following generic commands and options applies to various types of Montage form windows, e.g. Properties dialogs and viewers.

Control Options submenu

The following submenu of generic commands and options applies to various types of Montage controls (as opposed to forms).  This submenu is connected to the Shortcut context menu, as well as a variety of context menus for built-in Montage viewers.

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