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Download Montage

Your downloading will be taken as acceptance of the Montage End User License Agreement (EULA) - please review it before downloading.

To install Montage for the first time, you can download one or more of the files listed in the upper section of the table below.  You may choose either the standard, self-installing, automated setup (MOSETUP.EXE), or use the quick "no-setup" installation with one or more of the smaller downloads.

Updating a previous installation of Montage requires replacing one or more of the files in your Montage program directoryPlease note that this version (3.0.577) requires additional runtime support libraries, which you should extract from the updated version of VFP6LIBS.ZIP.

For the latest Montage updates and other premium downloads, you must have a registered username and password, which are assigned to you when you purchase Montage.

Download File Release Date Montage Version # Size Description

Public downloads for first-time installation of Montage

(or see our mirror sites)


3.0.577 6.04 MB (6,344,416 bytes) Standard setup: the complete, automated Montage setup program, recommended for typical first-time installations.  This is the only file you need if you wish to perform a conventional, "wizard-based" installation.  Just download MOSETUP.EXE and run it on your computer.  After this initial installation, you may wish to download and apply the latest Montage update, if a more recent version is available (see below).


3.0.577 1.83 MB (1,928,092 bytes) Quick manual install: this smaller file is all you need if you've already installed the latest VFP6 runtime support.  Download this archive and extract its contents (the indicated version of MONTAGE3.EXE, MONTAGE.CHM, and a few small files) into your Montage program directory(You don't need this file if you use the standard setup, MOSETUP.EXE.)


3.0.369 and later 2.69 MB (2,828,789 bytes) VFP6 SP5 runtime libraries: also get this, in addition to MONTAGE.ZIP, if you haven't installed the Visual FoxPro (VFP) Development System or any VFP6 runtime application, or if you are updating a previous installation of Montage.  Download this archive and extract its contents into your Montage program directory.  This file includes a small test program, TESTVFP.EXE, which you can run to confirm that the VFP runtime is working properly.  (You don't need this file if you use the standard setup, MOSETUP.EXE.)

Password-protected downloads for registered users of Montage
(You must supply a username and password to access the downloads listed below.)



3.0.577 914 KB (936,441 bytes) Montage program: the latest version of Montage.  To perform a quick Montage program update, substitute this file for your installed copy of MONTAGE3.EXE in the Montage program directory.  If you haven't yet installed any version of Montage, do that first and then apply this update to MONTAGE3.EXE (if this file is a more recent version than you just installed).  Note that this version also requires the latest VFP6LIBS.ZIP.


3.0.577 961 KB (984,430 bytes) Montage Help file: the compiled HTML Help file, supporting Montage's integrated help features.  This contains the same information as the online help documentation, as of the indicated version.  You are not required to have this file, but it is recommended that you maintain a copy in synch with your current version of the program.  (Online help and web pages generally correspond to the latest version of Montage.)


3.0.517 and later 20.2 KB (20,705 bytes) Miscellaneous support files: a very small .ZIP containing TESTVFP.EXE, version 1.0.1 and a few small files belonging in the Montage program directory, including the EULA and README text files, PAD_FILE.XML, and some default icons.  This is identical to the MONTAGE.ZIP file, except that it omits the two largest files, MONTAGE3.EXE and  MONTAGE.CHM, both of which can be downloaded separately (as updates, listed above).  (You don't need this file if you used the standard setup, MOSETUP.EXE, or if you have downloaded MONTAGE.ZIP.)

Mirror Sites

Feel free to use any of the following high-performance mirrored download sites to obtain a copy of MOSETUP.EXE, the standard Montage setup program, from the location most convenient to you.  See above for more about installing and updating Montage to the latest available version.

Download mosetup.exe from CNET

Use this link to download from CNET

Download mosetup.exe from Tucows

Use this link to download from Tucows.

Download mosetup.exe from Simtel

Use this link to download from Simtel.


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