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Montage Products and Services

Basic subscriptions

You can buy Montage for $39.95 (US), licensed for a single user in accordance with terms of the Montage EULA.  Purchasers also receive a one year subscription to Montage Support, providing priority technical support and access to downloadable Montage updates, including the latest version of Montage, its Help file, and samples.

Free trials

A version of Montage is available as a public, free trial download.  Please review our terms of use, and check the Montage version history for a summary of any differences between the public version and the latest available version.  (Online Montage Help corresponds to the latest version, which may be newer than the public version.)

Source code purchase options

If you are a Visual FoxPro developer, you might also be interested in purchasing the fully-commented Montage source code, which you may use, royalty-free, in the development of your own applications.  We offer these two options, each of which also gets you a year of the basic runtime subscription:

Purchase option What you get Price ($ US)
one-time source code purchase a snapshot of the latest version of Montage source code, via email or one-time download.  ($200 will be credited toward the cost of your subscription if you decide to upgrade within 30 days.)

$ 500.00

one year source code subscription online access to the Montage Developer web site, where you can download source code for the current version and all Montage updates for a full year.


A word about open source

Montage is an "open-source" product, in the sense that the source code is readily available at a reasonable price, and you are largely free to use and modify portions of the program as you see fit.  In that respect, you are absolutely assured of the program's integrity and your ability to use and support it.  You should not assume, however, that this conforms to anyone else's definition of "free" or "open-source" software, such as the Free Software Foundation's GNU General Public License.  (Montage is not GNU!)

Our license is in some ways less restrictive than the GNU Public License.  For example we do not dictate that you must make your own source code publicly available simply because you incorporate portions of Montage programs, nor must you adopt our license for the applications you sell.  You may use Montage components in your own applications, so long as you retain the original copyright notices and include appropriate citations as to the origin of those programs.  You may not re-distribute Montage source code or use it to develop a competing product.

We reserve the right to sell Montage and make further improvements to our product, but we encourage other developers to participate in its development.  At the very least, you can be sure you will be credited appropriately for your technical contributions, and they will be gratefully received.

Montage is protected by United States copyright laws and all applicable international treaties.

Montage customization and consulting services

Montage has extensive provisions for advanced usage, developer/authoring tools, custom add-ons, and integration with diverse applications.  We welcome inquiries about ways that we can assist in adapting Montage to your specific requirements.

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