Movie-Mine extends its reach by tapping into the semantic web

Movie-Mine has undergone another round of significant enhancements, both in its search capability and its coverage of a large number of movies. Our title lookup facility now supports even faster “fuzzy” searching, employing Google’s recently released Knowlege Graph tools. Also we’ve substantially increased Movie-Mine’s scope with more film details, more titles, and more current information by incorporating content from Wikidata. What this means is that with minimum keystrokes and clicks, Movie-Mine immediately delivers a bunch of helpful information about any of hundreds of thousands of movies, without subjecting you to a deluge of advertising.

If you want to check out a particlar movie, the most efficient procedure is to start with a Movie-Mine title lookup. This quickly provides you with information that may be sufficient to make an immediate viewing decision. It also provides you with links to get more about that movie from many other reputable sites. Of course, most movie sites offer some sort of basic lookup and access to movie data, but not as fast and “fat-free” as Movie-Mine, and not with as egalitarian an attitude about linking to other good sites.

What really sets Movie-Mine apart, though, is its unique ability to attach your own private annotations to each movie. This enables you to transform movie selection into a gradual, incremental process. Instead of painfully going over the same ground again and again, you can come back to a viewing candidate and pick up from where you last left off, using your previous notes as a reminder. In this way, Movie-Mine isn’t just another movie site – it’s the logical starting point for using all of the best movie sites.