Putting the “mine” in Movie-Mine

Movie-Mine - discover hidden gems!

Movie-Mine has added some personalization features enabling logged in users to add their own private notes and annotations to any movie record. In conjunction with Movie-Mine’s quick lookup facility, this allows you to use Movie-Mine as a virtual scratchpad for keeping track of your own, prioritized list of viewing candidates, as well as a record of the movies you’ve seen. To use the new personalization features, you simply need to register your unique user name and password, and use these to login. Movie-Mine registration is anonymous and free.

The items of information you can attach to any movie include:

  • a numerical Rank (0 – 99) for viewing candidates
  • a Seen flag, indicating you’ve seen this movie
  • a Viewed date specifying when you last saw this movie
  • a numerical Rating (0 – 99) indicating how much you liked this movie
  • free-form Notes (up to 2000 characters) with any comments you’d like to add

Movie-Mine normally displays an assortment of basic facts about each movie, plus links to various reviews. As a logged-in user you also see your own notes and annotations on the same page for that movie.

In addition to seeing your own additions on each movie page, you can also generate a variety of useful reports derived from this information. The default report lists your top viewing candidates, by descending Rank. Flexible report settings allow you to choose among various orderings, column selections, and filtering options. For example, you can keep track the movies you’ve seen by date, or you can maintain a top movie list, based on your own ratings.

Above all, these new facilities help to make better, faster decisions about which movies to watch. Use the free-form Notes to keep track of tidbits of information such as personal recommendations and ratings from selected review sites, so you can gradually converge on a decision starting from where you last left off, without forgetting or duplicating your previous research.