sample post in “Image” format

Text of Image format posting.  Link to an external Hubble image follows, including title, alternate text, and caption:

M1 - composite of Crab Nebula - CXC, SST, HST, 350X321.jpg
M1 – composite of Crab Nebula – CXC, SST, HST, 350X321.jpg

Here’s some more text that immediately follows the image.  Note that the optional caption appears in the surrounding background area, below the image.  I elected to have the image be a clickable link directly to the source image.  (By default, clicking on the image itself does nothing.  I could easily have specified any destination URL for a click on the image, with the option to open in a separate window.)  This format of post renders all of the elements that show up in standard format, with the addition of “IMAGE” above the title in the heading that appears in the main blog page and applicable archive pages.  Another difference from other formats is that the additional information below this type of entry includes the posting date, and this is shown against a distinctive, rectangular background.

What says about this format:

image – A single image. The first <img /> tag in the post could be considered the image. Alternatively, if the post consists only of a URL, that will be the image URL and the title of the post (post_title) will be the title attribute for the image.

One thought on “sample post in “Image” format”

  1. The preceding post, originally created under the Twenty Eleven theme, is now being displayed under the Twenty Fourteen theme. Here is a summary of changes, similar to changes for other types of post, due to updating to the newer theme:

    • The category to which the post has been assigned is now shown above its title, in all capital letters. Previously the category was shown below the posting text, e.g. as Posted in [category name]).
    • Title of post is now more prominent: larger and in all caps, not mixed case.
    • Comments bubble is now smaller and shown below the title, rather than to the right of title.
    • Posting date is now displayed in the line above post text, as it is for other types of posts.
    • Time of posting is no longer displayed upon hovering over its date. Times of comments, however, are still displayed.
    • A graphical Image indicator is now included to the left of the posting date, and this links to a page of all Image type postings. (This indicator also now appears in the corresponding post page.)
    • Width of text is greater than before, thanks to narrower margins and sidebar.
    • Tags are still listed below text of post, but now with a cute tag graphic, as for other post types (no longer in a distinctive format unique to Image type posts).
    • Links to previous and next post, with their titles, are now shown below the post.

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