sample post in “Standard” format

This is the default posting format, using WordPress 3.4.2 with the default Twenty Eleven theme.  Note the prominent font used to display the post title, and the bubble at the right of the title in the entry for this post on the main blog page.  If there are comments, the bubble displays the number of comments, and it links to the place where comments are listed and a form is provided for entry of new comments, on a separate page devoted to this single posting.  The original post date is automatically shown below the title, and you can see the exact time of this posting by hovering the mouse over the date.  (This date and time correspond to the initial posting, not to any further updates that may have been made to the post.)  On the main blog page, the post title links to its corresponding page, and this link is also attached to the posting date displayed below the title.

Below the text of the post, there is another automatically generated line of information, which shows the categories and tags that have been assigned to this post.  The main blog page doesn’t display the author, but this is shown on the separate page for this post (with a link to the archive page of all posts by that author).

(See for more about available posting formats.)

One thought on “sample post in “Standard” format”

  1. The preceding post, originally created under the Twenty Eleven theme, is now being displayed under the Twenty Fourteen theme. Here is a summary of changes due to updating to the newer theme:

    • The category to which the post has been assigned is now shown above its title, in all capital letters. Previously the category was shown below the posting text, e.g. as Posted in [category name]).
    • Title of post is now more prominent: larger and in all caps, not mixed case.
    • Comments bubble is now smaller and shown below the title, rather than to the right of title.
    • Time of posting is no longer displayed upon hovering over its date. Times of comments, however, are still displayed.
    • Width of text is greater than before, thanks to narrower margins and sidebar.
    • Tags are still listed below text of post, but now with a cute tag graphic.
    • Links to previous and next post, with their titles, are now shown below the post.
    • Paging through the blog is now easier, with page number links at bottom, instead of just showing links to next page of Older posts or Newer posts.

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