sample post in “Aside” format

Here’s a post originally created using the “Aside” format under WordPress 3.4.2 with the default Twenty Eleven theme.  Note the more abbreviated listing for this type entry in the main blog page.  Here are some differences from the Standard format in the way that the Aside format posting is listed in the main blog page and various archive pages:

  • the entry just has “ASIDE” as its heading, instead of the actual post title
  • there is no comments bubble on the post heading line
  • the original posting date is shown at the bottom of the post, instead of the top
  • there is no indication of category or tag assignments for this post
  • the only link to the separate post page is the one attached to the posting date

The corresponding post page does display the post title, categories, tags, and author, in the same way as a Standard format posting does.  Note, however, that the page for this individual posting does not provide any indication that it is an “Aside” format post.

What says about this format:

aside – Typically styled without a title. Similar to a Facebook note update.

One thought on “sample post in “Aside” format”

  1. The preceding post, originally created under the Twenty Eleven theme, is now being displayed under the Twenty Fourteen theme. Here is a summary of changes due to updating to the newer theme:

    • As with Standard format posts, the category is now displayed above the text, in all caps, both in the blog page and the post page.
    • The blog entry for an Aside post now displays date and comment bubble above the text, below the category heading.
    • A graphical Aside indicator is now included to the left of the posting date, and this links to a page of all Aside type postings. (This Aside indicator also now appears in the corresponding post page.)
    • The post title is no longer displayed in the posting page, as it was previously.
    • Tags assigned to an Aside post are now displayed in the main blog, below the post text (where they previously had been omitted).

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